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1. 介绍产品时的英语表达

2. 客户来访时的英语表达
3. 新客户报价的英语表达
4. 和新客户沟通的英语表达
5. 邮件开场白的英语表达
6. 日常跟进的英语表达
7. 回复客户询问的英语表达
8. 讨价还价的英语表达
9. 出货包装的英语表达
10. 付款条件谈判的英语表达
11. 订单细节讨论的英语表达
12. 合同条款落实的英语表达
13. 质检把关方面的英语表达

1. This model enjoys great popularity in other markets similar to your own.

①enjoy great popularity 广受欢迎
②similar to 与...类似
③ your own 在这里指代前面提到的market, 为了不重复提及,用own来替代。

2. The energy-saving materials are widely welcomed. 节能材料现在广受欢迎。

①energy-saving 节能
②be widely welcome 广受欢迎

3. It's selling like hot cakes and we have lots of regulars now. Would you like to consider a trail order? 非常热销,并且我们有很多回头客。你愿意考虑下试单吗?

①sell like hot cakes 销路很好,卖得快
②regular 常规的 regulars 名词,意为常客,回头客
③consider sth. 考虑某物/某事
④trail order 试订单

4. There is a great demand for this product. 这款产品需求量很大。

a great demand for 固定搭配,需求量大

5. The stock is available on a first come first serve basis. 库存按照先到先得原则。售完即止。

①be available 有货,有空
② on..basis 基于...原则
③first come first serve 先到先得

6. This new model is to the taste of European market. 这款型号在欧洲很受欢迎。

to the taste of 固定搭配,正对..口味。在这里意为很受...欢迎

7. This product is now in great demand and we have enquiries on hand from other areas. 这款现在需求量特别大,我们收到很多其他地区发来的询盘。

①in great demand 需求量很大
②have...on hand 手头上
③enquiry在外贸术语里等同于inquiry. 只不过enquiry是英式英语,inquiry是美式英语。像美国人用inquiry,东南亚地区多用enquiry.

8. This model we recommended has been a best seller for nearly one year.

①用于推荐客户畅销款式时的表达用语。采用被动语态,并用了拟人手法be best seller的表达比This model is very popular 或者This model is best selling更加生动。
② nearly和almost区别:almost=very nearly 表示差一点....就 而nearly表示几近,接近。两者可以通用。

9. So far our products have stood the competition well. 目前来说我们的产品还是经得起竞争的。

①so far 目前来说
②stand the competition well 固定搭配,经得起竞争

10. These items have met with great favor home and abroad.

①meet with great favor 很受欢迎
②home and abroad 国内外

11. This is our most recently developed product.这是我们最近开发的产品。

① most recently 最近,固定搭配

12. You certainly have an eye for good things. 您真有眼光。

have an eye for sth. 固定搭配,有眼力

1. We'll get along fine. 我们会合作愉快的。

get along +副词,表示相处很好,关系很好,在这里译为合作很愉快,常见的表达词组还有get along well

2. Please take your time and let me know if you need any help.

take your time慢慢来,别着急

3. Here are the samples of packing available now, you may have a look.这是我们目前用的包装样板,你可以看看。


4. Then let's take a visit to the production line. 那现在我们去看看生产线。

take/have/make a visit to 参观...

5. Please advise which models you will go for. 请告知你会选择哪个型号。

go for=choose 挑选的意思

6. Considering the quality, you get what you pay for. 从质量上看,一分钱一分货。

you get what you pay for 比较口语化,适合当面谈判英语

7. You can believe us at this point. 在这点上你可以相信我们。

at this point 就这点上。当它位于句首时,还可以表示就此,此时此刻。

1. Price validity is 10 days from the date of PI / offer due to currency fluctuation. If the order is confirmed after due date, the unit price will be revised according to the daily exchange rate. 由于汇率波动,报价有效期为合同/报价日期起的10天内。如果订单在有效期后才确认,价格会相应按照即时汇率调整。

①price validity 报价有效期
②from the date .. to 从哪天到哪天
③due to 由于
② currency fluctuation 汇率波动

2. We look forward to your kind inquiries at any time if you find these items satisfactory. 如果你对这些款式满意的话,我们希望能随时收到贵方的询价。

①look forward to sth. /doing sth. 期待做某事,期待某事
②at any time 随时
③find sth. +adj. 形容词表示发现/觉得..如何,怎样的,比如find sth. interesting 觉得..有趣的

3. As soon as a fresh supply of your required model comes in, we will contact you. 一旦你要订的那款货源来了,我们会与您联系。

①as soon as 一..就
②a fresh supply 新货源,比如新鲜鸡蛋供应,a fresh of  eggs.
③come in 进来,在这里译为到达,contact sb. =reach sb. 联系某人,与某人联系
④ here is ready stock for these three items. 这三款我们都有库存。ready stock 现货,后面+for 代表...有库存

4. You can enjoy 5% discount on your initial order. 首单您享有5%的折扣。

① 享有折扣
②initial order 首单

5. Our offer remains effective for 10 days.我们报价有效期为10天。
比起be valid for, remain effective是更为高级的表达。

Our offer generally keeps open for 10 days. 我们的报价有效期通常是10天。

①generally 通常,在这里可以为10天做保留空间。
②keep open=be valid 有效

6. Our offer is subject to change without notice. 我方报价如有更改,恕不另外通知。

②be subject to 以...为准
③change without notice恕不另外通知,固定搭配

7. Upon receipt of your email, we have given this matter our immediate attention. 我们一收到你的邮件,立即对这个问题给予关注。

②upon receipt of 固定搭配=as soon as we receive. 比较精炼,表达一收到..就
③give sth. immediate attention 对某事立即给予关注

8. Kindly note that we will update the price when the exchange rate fluctuates more than XX%. 在汇率波动XX下,会再一次更新价格。(应和客户约定,如果汇率波动超出协定的比例,应该共同承担风险)

fluctuate 波动

1. 如何询问客户是经销商,还是终端客户。询问客户性质,一般可以用以下的句型提问:
A. What kind of business do you handle? Are you self-employed, manager or a business owner?
B. Can you please let us know your company details?
C. May I know your business scope please?
D. Please advise you purchase it for yourself or for your clients?
E. Are you the manufacturer or distributor?

self-employed 个体经营
business scope经营范围

2. 在每次报价后可以附上下列表达:
A. We look forward to your patronage.
B. We cherish your patronage.
C. We look forward to welcoming you as our customer.

①patronage 惠顾
②continued support and patronage 一如既往的支持和惠顾

3. I have attached a detailed product catalogue to this email. It contains specifications and pricesfor your perusal. 邮件附上详细的产品目录,包含产品详情和价格,请你过目。

①表达附件含有什么的句型:I have attached sth. to this email. 或者可以说Please find attached sth.  /  Please find sth. as attached.
②for your perusal 请你过目 = for your review

4. Please feel assured that we will give you the best discount. 请放心,我们一定给您提供我们所能给的最大折扣。

①feel assured that 确信...  please feel assured that 请放心...引导从句
②give sb. the best discount 给予某人最优折扣

5. We guarantee both our quality and on time delivery of shipments, and our prices stay very competitive in the market. 我们的质量和交货期都是有保障的,价格方面在市场上也是非常有竞争力的。

①both...and ..和.. 用于肯定句
②on time delivery of shipments 准时的交货期
③stay competitive 保持竞争力的,表示状态。stay代替be动词,显得生动点。

6.  I will send you the tailor-made offervery soon. 我会很快给您发一个适合您的报价。

①tailor-made 量身定做的,在这里引申为适合的
②very soon很快,不久

7. We're in a position to accept small quantity order. 我们接受小定量订单。
be in a position to... 可以做某事

8. We look forward to the opportunity of being of service of you.

①look forward to+doing/sth. 渴望收到
②be of service of sb. 为某人服务

9. If we can be of any further help, please let us know.

① be of help=helpful 乐意帮助的
② please let us know 在和客户/上级沟通的时候,直接的please let us know 即可,不必要please feel free to let us know. 显得很不严谨和唐突。

10. We find the quality suitable for your market. 产品质量符合你们的市场。

①find sth. +adj. 形容词 表示发现什么怎样
②suitable for 适合

11. We send you a brochure on the various kinds of bicycle now available for export, your inquiry is welcome.

①various 各种各样的 = a variety of
② available for export 固定搭配,可供出口的

12. A catalog has been airmailed to you already.

airmail 空邮
类似的词汇可以用dispatch by courier来表示寄送

13. Any items listed in the catalog you get interested in, please let us know.目录中任何你感兴趣的产品,都可以告知我们。

listed in the catalog 短语后置作定语修饰any items 表明目录中列及到的产品。比If you get interested in any items listed in the catalog会更加精炼

1. Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. 谢谢你告诉我这件事。

bring sth. to one's attention 引起某人注意,在这里意为告诉某人某事

2. Hi, I hope you had a fabulous Christmas and your holiday season is fruitful. 但愿你度过了一个精彩的圣诞节,并且收获满满。


②fruitful 果实累累的,在这里译为收获满满的

3. I trust you enjoyed thebreakand are keen to start on the new year's projects. 相信你有好好地享受了假期,并且热切希望开展新的一年的项目。

①break 在这里作名词,休假,休息的意思
②be keen to do sth. 固定搭配,渴望做某事
③start on sth. 开始进行某事

4. I'm sure you're quite busy at the moment, so I'll be very brief. 知道你这会很忙,我会长话短说。

①I am sure+引导从句:我很肯定.../我确信...
②at the moment 此时,此刻。for the moment 暂时,目前。注意区分好
③be brief 很简短,在这里意为长话短说

5. Hope this email finds you well. 谨以此向您致以问候。


6. It's nice to finally meet you. 总算见到你了。/终于见到你了。


7. It has been very long since we touched base. 好久没联系了。

touch base 固定搭配,联系,接触的意思


1. Hope the goods reach you safely. And you are pleased with them.

①reach sb. 在这里意为货物抵达某人手中,而有一种情况下的reach sb. 表示联系上某人,比如I can't reach him so far. 我目前还未能联系上他。
②be please with sth. 对某物/某事满意

2. Kindly find an illustrated catalog as attached. It covers the latest designs which are now available from stock.

①an illustrated catalog 带有插图的目录册
②find+名词 attached=find attached+名词:请查看附件中的...
③cover sth. 包含,涵盖
④be available from stock 有现货

3. Please favor us with a prompt reply. We look forward to working with you on this project. 等待你的尽快回复,我们期待与您合作。

①favor sb. with sth. 给予某人某物,在这里意为回复某人,比较委婉的说法
②look forward to doing sth. 期待做某事
③work with sb. on sth. 与某人在某个领域上合作

4.  I see/get what you mean and appreciate your concern. 我了解你说的,也明白你的顾虑。


①see/get what you mean 都是表达明白你意思
②appreciate one's concern: 体会到某人的顾虑/担心

5.  Awaiting your feedback on all the above, we remain at your full disposal for any further information. 期待你对上面列述细节的进一步反馈。我们随时为你提供更多的资料。

①await=wait for 等待,期待
②all the above 以上所有的(问题/细节)
be/remain at one's full disposal 为谁效劳/为谁服务/听谁处理

6. Please advise in order to proceed further. 请告知,以便我们进一步进展。

①in order to 为了做某事.. =so as to..
②proceed further 进一步进展,进一步进行,进一步处理。
动词+副词结构,further在这里修饰proceed, 表明进一步地

7. Please advise where we are with this project. 请告知现在这个项目的进展。

where we are with+sth. 表达某事进展到什么程度了

8.  I wonder if you have found that our specifications meet your requirements. We're sure the prices we submitted are competitive. 不知道您认为我们的规格是否符合你的要求?我敢肯定我们的价格是非常有竞争力的。

① I wonder if= I want to know if= I would like to know if 我想了解下是否.. wonder 会比较委婉点。
②find that引导从句,认为...
③meet one's requirements 符合某人要求
④be sure+从句:肯定...
⑤summit the price 提交价格,在这里summitted过去分词作后置定语,形容prices, 提交的价格/报价

9. Any comments by return will be much appreciated.

①by return 立即回答,即可回复
②be much appreciated 非常感谢,在日常沟通中除了用烂了的Thank you very much. 可以说Much appreciated.

10. I will check and revert soon. 我查下,尽快反馈给你。

revert=reply you 回复

11. Please advise and I am available for further discussion on WhatsApp. 请告知。我们可以在WhatsApp进一步讨论。

be available for 在..有空

12. Any inquiry or requirements from you will get our prompt attention. 如有需求请告知我们,我们一定及时回复您。

get one's attention 获得某人注意,在这里意为受到关注,收到及时回应

13. We'll do the needful accordingly. 我们会相应地做好该做的事情。

①do the needful 做需要做的事情
②accordingly 相应地

14. There are a few issues we want to put on top of the agenda to finalize at your earliest. 有一些事情我们需要提上议程,在您方便的时候一一落实。
①put on top of the agenda 提上议程
②at one's earliest ( convenience) 在您方便的时候

15. We hope you find the goods in good order and look forward to hearing of the further feedback from you. 我们希望货物情况良好,并期待收到您的进一步反馈。

①in good order 有条不紊,在这里引申为情况/状态良好
②look forward to doing sth./ sth. 期待...
③hear of 听到,收到,获取

16.  In either case, it would be wonderful to hear from you. 无论如何,我们很期待您的回音
①  In either case 位于句首,不管哪种情况,无论如何
②  hear from sb. 收到某人回信

17. We will keep you updated time to time about the status. 我们会不时跟进进展给你。
①keep sb. updated about sth.  更新给某人某消息/某事
类似的词组有keep sb. posted 告诉某人 / keep sb. informed 通知某人
②time to time 不时地,时常

18. Please help update the status on the order. 请麻烦更新下订单进展情况。

①update the status 更新进展,更新状态

19. Much appreciated if you can offer openly with any feedback.如能告知反馈,感激不尽。

①much appreciated 感激不尽
②offer feedback 告知反馈
③openly 坦诚地,坦率地


1. All is well here. We will get back to you with more information about this requirement shortly. 一切都好,根据您的要求我们会很快反馈给您更多的信息。

①All is well 对应How are you的回答。一切都好。
②get back to sb. 回复某人
③shortly=soon 不久,立刻

2. We will keep you posted about the status. 我们会通知你最新进展。
keep sb. posted about sth. 通知某人最新消息
3. This is our price list, but it serves as a guide line only.

① serve as 起...作用,充当。不用被动语态。
② guide line only=for your reference 仅供参考

4.  Unfortunately, our stock is exhausted.

①  Unfortunately代替sorry 位于句首,表示遗憾,抱歉
②  stock is exhausted代替be out ofstock表示已无库存
③  关于stock的外贸短语扩展,be in stock有货,be over stock滞销

同样的表达有keep you informed about the updated progress
5.  As soon as fresh supply of raw material comes in, we will reach you.一旦原材料的新货源到,我们会联系你。
①  As soon as 一….就
②  fresh supply新货源 例如新鲜供应的樱桃fresh supplyof cherries
③  raw material原材料
④  come in 来到
②  reach sb. 与某人联系

6. Please accept my apology for the late reply. 抱歉,回复晚了。

accept one's apology for sth. 为某事致歉
①Sorry for the late reply.
②Sorry for the late update.
③Sorry I haven't got back to you sooner.


1. There is no room for further negotiation. If you still feel you cannot accept our offer, we hope it will not prevent you from contacting us again whenever you need other inquiry. 没有进一步还价空间。如果你仍然觉得无法接受我们的报价,希望在你需要其他询价时,还可以联系我们。

①there be 句型,这里有..
②no room 没有空间,there is no room for 这里没有....的空间...
③further negotiation 进一步讲价,议价
④cannot比can't 委婉 不能
⑤prevent sb..from doing sth. 阻止某人做某事

2. You drive a hard bargain! Ok, that's a deal. 你太会讨价还价了,好吧,就这么定了。

①drive a hard bargain 较为口语化,a hard bargain表明议价过程对方很精明严苛,也表达了你们是很不容易才做出的让步。意为:真会讲价
②That's a deal. It's a deal. 成交

3. We've tried our best to share the most of extra labor cost with you.我们已经尽力帮您承担绝大部分额外的人工费用了。

①try one's best to do sth. 尽力做某事
②share sth. with sb. 和某人分享某事/某物,或和某人共同承担...
③the most of 大部分的...后面加可数或不可数名词,而同义词组the majority of 只可修饰可数名词
④labor cost 人工费用

4. It's regretful that it is impossible for us to accept your counter-offer, even to meet your half way.

① It's regretful that表示遗憾后面引导从句,拒绝时的委婉表达。
② counter offer 还盘,还价
③ meet ones half way 折中满足某人,或让步的意思

5. After the discussion of meeting, we will comply with your request for lower prices.

①  after the discussion of 讨论后
②  comply with one’s request 按照某人的要求

6. We shall allow you a special discount of 25%. 我们可以给你25%的特别折扣。

allow sb. discount 固定搭配,给予折扣

7. We allow you a proper discount in view of the first business between us. 考虑到初次合作,我们会给予你适当的折扣。

①allow sb. discount 给予折扣,之前讲过是用special形容词来形容discount, 在这里是用proper, 表明适当的
②in view of 考虑到,鉴于。规定搭配。

8. Please note that we have quoted our most favorable price and are unable to entertain any counter offer. 我们已经给您报最优惠价格了,不会考虑讨价还价,请知悉。

①most favorable price 最优惠价格
②be unable to do sth. 无法做某事
③entertain 考虑,等同于consider

9. Moreover, please understand we've kept the price close to the costs of production and can't offer you any more discount.

① moreover 此外, 位于句首,作补充说明。furthermore是进一步说明,递进的意思,what's more不仅有补充说明,还有递进的强调更重要的是...的意思,三者注意区分
②close to 接近
③cost of the production 成本价

10.  Labor cost has risen considerably. 劳动成本大幅增长。

①labor cost 劳动成本
②considerably 程度副词,相当于greatly, very, extremely.           

11.  On an order of 5000pcs, 5% discount will be offered. 定量到5000个的话,我们会给予5%的折扣。

②on an order of+数量表示数量到达....
③offer discount 给予折扣

12. We are afraid that you may have to compromise the quality.那恐怕你得妥协下质量了。

compromise the quality 对质量妥协

13.  You know that the cost of production has been skyrocketing in recent years. 正如你所了解的,近年来生产成本迅速上涨。

①cost of production 生产成本
②skyrocket 突升,猛涨,比increase rapidly 更加形象
③ in recent years 近年来

14.  If we cut down the price, we can hardly keep reasonable profit on the order. 如果我们减价,这个订单我们就几乎没有任何利润了。

①cut down the price 减价
②can hardly=can't
③keep reasonable profit on sth. 维持合理利润

15. We'd like to draw your attention to the fact that our currency, RMB has appreciated sharply against the US dollars.我们想告知贵方,我们国家的货币人民币对美元剧烈升值。

①would like to do sth. 想要做某事的委婉表达
②draw one' s attention to  the fact+引导从句,把某人的注意力转移到某个事实上,意为告知对方某事
③appreciate against+币种:升值
④sharply 剧烈地, 急剧地

16. This is our rock-bottom price. We can't make any further concessions. 这是我们的最低价了,恕不还价。

①rock-bottom price 最低价
②make further concession 做出进一步让步

17. Through careful thought, we must say frankly that our price is moderately fixed and we're unable to grant the reduction you asked for. 经过深思熟虑,坦白说,我们的价格已经确定,无法给予贵方要求的降价。

①through careful thought 经过细致考虑
②frankly=honestly=openly 坦白地
③moderately 适度地
④be unable to do...不能做...无法做...
⑤grant the reduction 准许降价

18. After CNY holiday, our manufacturing costs have gone up too much. There is no room for any reduction in price.年后我们的生产成本大大增加,真的是底价了。

①manufacturing cost 生产成本
②go up增加 = increase
③no room for .. +名词:没有..空间
④reduction in price 降价

19. We regret being unable to comply with your request for a price reduction as our offer is closely calculated. 很遗憾,我们无法配合您降价的要求,因为我们的价格是经过精密计算的了。

①regret doing sth. 对已经做过的事情表示遗憾/后悔
②be unable to do sth. 无能为力做某事
③comply with one's request 顺应,配合某人的要求
④ price reduction 降价。记忆法reduce 动词,reduction名词
⑤be closely calculated 经过精密计算

20. It's our bottom line. 这已经是我们最低价了。

bottom line 底线,在这里引申为最低价

21. You are a very good bargainer. 你太会讲价了。


22. In order to encourage your business with us, we are prepared to meet you half way by making further reduction by 2% in our offer. 为促进双方合作,我们愿意折中一下,在原报价的基础上再降价2%.

①in order to为了..
②encourage one's business 促进某人的事业/生意。encourage常规译为鼓励,encourage sb. to do sth.鼓励某人做某事,在这里是促进的意思
③be prepared to do sth.= get ready to do sth. 做好准备做某事
④meet sb. half way 对某人让步,迁就某人
⑤make further reduction 进一步减少,make reduction on prices 降价
⑥by+百分比:注意区分和to的区别。比方 increase by+百分比-增加了多少%, increase to+百分比-增加到多少%.

23. No bargain. 恕不还价。

no bargain=no haggle. 东南亚一些国家小卖店有时会挂上NO HAGGLE的字样。haggle在这里是名词,讨价还价。它也可做动词,意思不变。

24. After discussing the matter with our director, we have decided to reduce the price by 3%, which is the utmost we can do at the present. 经过和我们主管讨论,我们同意将价格降低3%. 这是我们目前所能做的最大努力。

①discuss sth. with sb. 和某人讨论某事
②decide to do sth. 决定做某事
③reduce by 减少了,而是减少到
④do the utmost=try one's best 做到最好
⑤at the present=for now 目前


1. Packing has a close bearing on sales. 包装很大程度上会影响销路。

have a close bearing on sth. 与...紧密联系,密切相关

2. Do you have special request for packing?


special request=special requirement

3. Please advise or send pictures of your standard export packaging. 请告知或发下你们出口标准的包装图片。

① advise 在函电中是多频词。Can you please advise引导从句,表明能否请您告知...
②standard export packaging 出口标准包装

4.  All goods will be securely packed to assure safe. 所有货物都会使用安全包装,确保完好。

①be securely packed 安全包装,被动语态。secure安全的,加ly为副词,安全地,修饰be packed包装这个动作。
②assure safe 确保安全,assure+ adj. 确保..处于..状态
assure sb. of sth. 让某人确信某事

5. 在做货的时候有时候会产生尾箱。打个比方,客户做了5500顶帽子,200顶/箱,即有27箱各装200顶,为满箱,剩余的100顶装1箱,为尾箱。

There are 27 cartons with the quantity of 250 each. Andthe very last case is an odd lot of 100pcs.

①the last case 最后那一箱,last 前面加very 起强调语气作用。
注意区分,比如last time 上一次,the last time最后一次=the very last time最后一次,但后者语气更强烈
②odd lot 尾箱,不到整数的箱子

此外the odd carton和the last carton,其实也是可以表示尾箱的,比如The last carton或The odd carton is 100pcs.更为简洁。

The last carton的箱子与前面满箱的箱子装箱规格一致;
The odd carton的箱子装箱并没什么规律,箱子规格也不一致。
③the quantity of ....的数量

6. 混装混色该如何表达?举个例子跟大家说明:
It is 5 colors variety pack. 包装混5种色。

variety pack 用于形容同一品种的混装。
比如3 sizes variety pack: 3种尺码的混装


1. We regret we cannot accept your payment term. 很抱歉,我们不能接受您的付款条件。
We regret 开头的句子,缓和了气氛,委婉地表示自己的立场。

2. It's our pleasure to work with you. Please understand that we need to take the cash flow into the consideration / consider our cash flow/ consider the turnover of the capital. 我们很高兴与您合作。我们也得考虑到资金周转…

①cash flow 现金流,资金周转
②take..into consideration 考虑到..

3. The raw materials have been out of stock. We need to get your advance payment so we can order the materials for production. 目前原材料已无库存,我们需要收到你方定金,才能定材料安排生产。

①be out of stock 无库存
②advance payment 定金

4. We really want to work with you but it's very hard for us to accept O/A 60 days. As first cooperation, it will be absolutely rejected by our financial department. 我们确实很想和你合作。但是第一次合作,O/A 60天我们财务部是绝对不会批示的。搬出有关部门比如财务部和客户谈判。

①O/A 60 days 账期60天
②financial department 财务部

5. Please allow me to report to our director and see how we adjust to meet your requirement. 请允许我和我的上司沟通下,看看如何回应你的要求。

①report to sb. 汇报给某人
②meet one's requirements 满足某人的要求


1. Let's discuss further if needed. 如果需要的话,我们可以进一步讨论。

①discuss further = have a further discussion 进一步讨论
比如further advise 进一步告知
②if needed是由if it is needed简化而来的,表示如果需要..的情况下

2. The balances will be paid to either side as the case may be.视情况而定,多退少补。

①either side 两者之间任意一边。both sides 是同时指两方
②as the case may be 合同用语,根据实际情况而定

3.  Once it is confirmed, we can progress. 一旦你确认,我们才能进展。

②it is confirmed 被动语态,比you confirm it更为客观
③progress 动词为前进,进展。名词为进步,发展的意思。

4. Sorry for the confusion. Let me explain it in a clearer way. 抱歉让你产生困惑了,让我再解释清楚一点。

①confuse 动词 - confusion 名词 困惑
② in a clearer way 以更清楚的方式,in...way 以...方式

5. Could you please explain it in detail? 能麻烦您再说得清楚一点吗?


①Could you please? 请问能否...?could比can委婉
②in detail 详细地
引申下:detailed 形容词,详细的。比如detailed proposal 详细的方案
in detail 是副词组=minutely 详尽地,详细地
修饰动词,比如原文中的explain in detail 详细地解释下

6.  Further to this, we are awaiting your feedback about the drawing so we can finalize the details of order. 此外,我们还等着图纸的反馈,才能把单子的细节敲定。

①further to this 此外
②be awaiting=be waiting for 等待,等候
④  finalize 最终确认,敲定

7. In order to avoid possible future trouble, we would like to make clear beforehand your requirements as follows.. 为了避免接下来可能产生的麻烦,我们想要在事先弄清楚你如下要求。

①in order to=so as to 为了...
②beforehand=in advance 事先,提前
③as follows和as follow如下,区别在于前者的列举有好几个,而后者只列举一个。

8. After you confirm the qty and items then I will issue you the proforma. 在你决定数量和款式后,我会发形式发票给你。

①qty=quantity 数量
②issue sb. sth. 开具给某人某文件

9. Can we schedule a WhatsApp conference call tomorrow? 我们明天能安排一次WhatsApp电话会议吗?

schedule a conference 安排会议

10. We'll carry out the order when it gets there. 一旦您下单,我们会马上安排。

①carry out 执行
③get there有所进展,完成,when it gets there在这里意为订单一旦下来

11. Please find attached the artwork and further advise.请查看附件中的设计稿并进一步告知你的意见。

①find/see attached 查看附件中的....
②artwork外贸术语中是指设计稿,扩展:设计源文件是raw files
③further advise 进一步指示

12. Moving forward, please send us the required details so we can discuss further. 为了推动进程,请发给我们所要求的细节,我们才可以进一步讨论。

①move forward位于句首,move-moving形式,起一个引导作用
②required details 所要求的细节
③discuss further 进一步讨论

13. We'll proceed with the mass production immediately.

①mass production 外贸术语,大货生产
②proceed with 开展,进行
③immediately=at once 马上,即刻,置于句末。

14. Upon receipt of your advance payment, we'll proceed with the order at once. 收到你的定金,我们会马上安排订单。

①upon receipt of 一收到...
②advance payment=deposit 预付款,定金
③proceed with 执行,进展
④at once=immediately 立刻,马上

15. Can you advise if we are on the same page? 麻烦您告知下,我们现在理解的是不是一样的。

on the same page 固定搭配,意见一致,立场一致

16. There seems some confusion. Let me explain more. 好像存在一些误解,容许我再解释更多的细节。

①there+be动词表示存在,there+seems 表示好像存在
②confusion一般情况下为不可数名词,表示迷惑。Sorry for any confusion caused. 抱歉让你感到困惑。

17. This amount will be deducted from the next order. 这笔款会在下个订单中抵扣。
be deducted from 从....抵扣


1. 签署合同后,此合同即时生效。几个表达方式:
1) The sales contract shall enter into force upon its signature by both parties.
2) The sales contract is signed by both parties, effective on the date when stamped and signed.
3) The contract shall come into effect as of the signing date.

2.  任何一方取消合同即视为违约,违约金为合同总金额10%.
Either party's violation shall constitute/pay a penalty for breach of contract, in such standard as 10% of the amount of the contract.

①合同生效:enter into force, come into force, be effective, come into effect 皆可表达
②both parties 双方,either party 任何一方。both+复数,either加单数
③signing date 签署日期
④violation违约,a penalty for breach of contract 合同违约金
⑤constitute 执行

3. Please confirm your details below to proceed with your proforma invoice. 请确认以下细节,我才可以发给你形式发票。

4. Please advise if you agree the terms so I can send you the proforma invoice. 请告知你是否接受这些条款,我才可以发给你相应的形式发 票。

5. 30% down payment shall be arranged upon confirmation of order. And you'll pay the balance on delivery. 30%定金在订单确认后支付,余下的货到付清。

①down payment/ deposit payment / advance payment 都表示预付定金的意思
②upon confirmation of 在...确认后
③pay the balance on delivery=pay the rest on delivery 剩余款项货到付清
如果表达款到发货则是:pay when the goods are ready for shipment
如果表达提单正本复印件后付款则是:pay against original B/L copy.

6. Would you please go over the attached PI and see if any modifications are needed? 能请您先过目下附件中的PI, 看看是否还有修改的内容,好吗?

①go over 过目
②PI=Proforma invoice 形式发票。小额贸易客户很少正式签订合同,形式发票扮演着合同的作用。相关联的词:有的客户喜欢有PO=purchase order或者S/C=sales contract又或者sale note 来表达。
③modification=change 变动,更改

7. Payment term: 30% deposit upon confirmation of order and 70% balance is payable against original B/L scanned copy. 付款方式:在确认订单时付30%定金,剩余70%余款在见正本提单扫描件时安排付清。

①upon confirmation of 在...确认时
②be payable 应付的=should be paid
③against 一收到....就=as soon as receiving
④original B/L: 正本提单。B/L=bill of lading  
⑤scanned copy 扫描件

8. Please see attached the required PI and send the signed copy. 请查收附件中的PI并回签。

①PI=proforma invoice形式发票

9. Please understand your required payment term is not workable for us. 请您理解,您要求的付款方式不可行。

①required 要求的,比如要求的款式,required items
②workable在外贸函电中也是一个很好用的词。表达比较委婉,比如It's workable. 这样可行

10. Once you work out the final quantities, we will quote you FOB or CFR prices. 一旦你确认最终数量,我们会相应报给你FOB或者CFR价格。

①work out 敲定,比如work out the details 敲定细节
②EXW 出厂价,不需要送货,当然可以送货到指定仓库,运费另算。货出仓库,划清风险。

FOB 离岸价格,需要将货送至客户指定码头,或如果是客户指定货代,需要和货代沟通清楚拖车,报关,单证等本地杂费,在报价的时候也需要小心谨慎审核好各项费用,根据不同的数量算清楚FOB价格

CFR 在FOB的基础上,还要负责从装运港到目的港的运费


FOB+国内港口/CFR 还有CIF加客户指定/目的港口

11. Price quoted is CFR Chicago, inclusive of your 3% commission.

①CFR=cost and freight 包含国内本地所有杂费和到客户港口/机场的运费,在这里指海运费。后面加卸货港港口。而FOB加中国城市港口或起运港港口所在地的具体城市。
②inclusive of=include 包含,涵盖..在内

12. We shall cover insurance ourselves.

cover insurance 投保
扩展:为……投保 cover insurance 介词用 against

13. Please acknowledge the receipt of our sales contract and return back the signed copy.收到我们的销售合同请回签。

①acknowledge the receipt of = confirm the receipt of确认收到
②return back= send back 送返回
③signed copy中的copy指前面提到的sales contract 销售合同

14.  May I draw your attention to go through the contract?

①May I 开头表示委婉的,我能...吗?
②draw one's attention吸引某人注意力,固定搭配
③go through浏览


1. Our factory holds a pre-production meeting prior to start of production.


①hold..meeting 举行会议
②pre-production meeting 产前会议
③prior to.. 在...之前

2. We will review and plan the production schedule on the weekly meetings.

①review 复查,回顾。比如在报价单里添加一句All prices are subject to review. 表明所报价格有待复查核定。
②plan the production schedule 排产计划
③weekly meeting 每周会议

3.  There is a manager /supervisor on all shifts. 所有轮班都会有主管在场。

①supervisor 主管,plant supervisor 工厂主管
②on all shifts 当班

morning shift 早班
night shift 晚班
graveyard shift 大夜班 (graveyard 坟场,打趣为坟场班)
three shifts 三班制
轮班制 work in shifts, 记得与on shifts区分开
on 强调在做某事,比如on duty值日,on vacation 在度假中

4.  Our goods quality is based solely on the pre-production sample. 我们货物的质量完全以产前样为准。
①be based on以...为准
②solely 纯粹地,唯一地,仅仅
③pre-production sample产前样,缩写pp sample

5.  Hope it will meet with your approval. 希望能获得你们批准。
meet with one's approval 获得批准

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