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  • Ace Leather Goods - Leather bags, luggage, briefcases, wallets, and tooled belts and wallets.
  • African Creative Art - Pyrographic art on leather of wild animals in Africa.
  • African Wildlife Pyrographic Art - Offers a selection of leather items adorned with pyrography.
  • Appaloosa Trading Company - Handmade leather goods including belts, purses, and accessories.
  • Arpiel Ltda. - Handbags, suitcases, belts and wallets made with Colombian leather.
  • Aspinal Of London - Offers bound adddress books, albums and travel accessories.
  • At Home Creations - Offers one of a kind deerskin and elkskin purses, and padded and handpainted pouches.
  • Barrett Custom Leather - Offers custom designed and completely handmade leather goods specializing in tooled leather guitar straps and motorcycle seats and accessories.
  • Billy Metcalf's Traditional Brain Tanned Buckskin - Producing and selling brain tanned buckskin, smoked or white, and rawhide for drums. Also offers traditional hide tanning classes.
  • Border Leather - Assortment of handcrafted leather goods including motorcycle saddle bags, cowboy holsters, western holsters, and leather duffel bags.
  • Bowen's 40 + 1 - Hand-carved leather goods made in Colorado with U.S. leather. Offers items such as gloves, canteens, saddlebags, pillows, and Bible covers.
  • Caballo - Offers handmade custom braided, carved or tooled leather belts.
  • CC's Custom Leather Works - Features handcrafted bible covers, billfolds, wallets, purses, and accessories.
  • Circle E Western Giftware - Features hand tooled leather goods. Includes handbags, suspenders, belts, coasters, and trophies. Also custom embroidery.
  • Cobra Belts - Custom crafted belts, bracelets, keyrings, pouches and handbags in a wide variety of styles, colors and materials.
  • Colombian-Leather.Com - Carrieles for men, women and children as well as custom saddles, lassos, saddlebags, bridles, reins and machete covers.
  • Corby's Crafts - Supplies handcrafted leather goods including handbags, wallets, and moccasins.
  • Cowboys Toys - Offers clothing, saddles, horse tack, and decorative items,
  • Cuero Leather Handbags - Designer handcrafted leather and tapestry bags made in Scotland by Caroline Marr.
  • 3d leather animals and birds - Three-dimensional animals and birds crafted from leather, painted in their actual colours and framed.
  • 3-D Wildlife Art in Leather - Wildlife and pet portraits hand carved and embossed in leather, Also offers custom made frames.
  • Dennis Doaty Leathercraft - Offering southwest styled split leather purses, clothing, and moccasins, and carved accessories.
  • Designer Leathercraft - Individually handmade clothing and accessories in sheepskin, suede, leather and snakeskin. Custom design available.
  • Dey's Leather - Handmade purses and belts made of American leathers.
  • Domestic Leather Corp. - Lambskin suede and nappa wallets, game bags, guitar straps and key fobs.
  • Dustin Heisman - Offering a variety of handmade leather products including spur straps, cuffs, and holsters.
  • Edwards Leather Craft - Hand made items such as bags and briefcases, belts, dog accessories, holsters, key rings, horse brasses, and guitar straps.
  • Elad's Leather Armor - Specializes in the craft of leather armor. Each piece is designed and individually handcrafted by artisan Dale Shepherd.
  • Giardino Italiano - Display cases for pens and watches, rotobox, wedding photo albums, desk sets, briefcases. Hand made in Florence, Italy.
  • Handbound Leather Books - Offers handbound items including scrapbook albums, wedding albums, journals and address books.
  • Henry Tomkins Leather - Offers a variety of leather briefcases, satchels, luggage, handbags and rucksacks that are personally handmade by Henry Tomkins and sold directly from his workshop.
  • Ivy Custom Leather - Hand-tooled leather by John Ivy. Purses, briefcases, notebooks, bible covers and home decor items.
  • Jules DerVaes - Handmade leather furnishings, accessories and clothing.
  • Ken's Leather Works - Produces custom made leather goods, specializing in police and correctional officer gear.
  • King Ranch Saddle Shop - Leather hunting and outdoor gear, furniture and home accessories.
  • Leather Carvings by Scott Jensen - Offers hand carved and painted leather pictures, purses, and vases.
  • Leather, Guns & Etc - Custom work includes holsters, gun belts, concealment holsters, law enforcement gear, saddles and tack repair.
  • LeatherPro USA - Portfolios, passport cases, wallets, pouches, luggage tags and accessories.
  • Leathersmith - Offers hand-carved and custom made leather craft gifts and products.
  • Long John's Rattlesnake and Leather Products - Handmade leather and rattlesnake accessories, hat bands, belts, wrist bands and earrings.
  • Marlin's Mountain Leather - Hand crafted leather goods including rifle scabbards, knife sheaths, wallets and key chains.
  • Oberon Design - Handcrafted leather goods including journals, photo albums, and pewter crafts.
  • O'Hair's Backwoods Crafts - Offers handcrafted leather belts, Masonic leather articles, wooden hiking sticks and sassafras products.
  • Old School Leather - Traditional, vintage and retro style handmade goods and accessories.
  • Old West Leather Crafts - Offers handcrafted leather accessories including wallets and billfolds.
  • Pleasant Valley Saddle Shop & School - Offers handmade holsters, whips and collectibles as well as leather crafting supplies, classes, books and videos.
  • Ranchhand Leather - Sells handmade leather purses, wallets, checkbooks, and dayplanners among other things. Also does custom work.
  • RFT III Old West Gear - Hand crafted cowboy and leather supplies. Includes a selection of canteens, flasks, saddles, bags and gunbelts.
  • Roses of Leather - Handcrafted bouquets of leather roses.
  • Scoop - Handmade custom leather belts and guitar, camera and harmonica straps.
  • Shaver Leather - Handcrafted products including personal items, decorative pieces, and outdoor gear.
  • Shop Notnats - Hand made deer skin leather goods and other hand crafted merchandise.
  • Silva Fox Leather Art Gallery - Leather art gallery exhibits and sells works by Silva Fox.
  • Soft Leather Studio - Features a selection of handlaced medicine bags and pouches, ceremonial pipes, shields, and breast plates.
  • Stallion Leather - Police leather goods, gun holsters, cuff & clip holders, flashlight holders, and accessories.
  • Standing Bear's Trading Post - Offering leather craft supplies as well as finished items. Includes belts, conchos, and tools.
  • Starchilde Leathers Unlimited - Professional leather crafter offering services to make or repair leather items; clothing and accessories.
  • Strapwell Leather - Belts, pouches, goblet holders, straps, and leather maintenance products.
  • Sunset Leather - Offers leather crafted products such as day planners and address books, menu covers, eyeglass cases, ties, binders, envelopes, and mouse pads.
  • Toy Tack - Offers handcrafted leather rocking horse saddles and bridles.
  • Tree Stump Leather - Business specializing in custom made knife sheaths and gun holders. Online samples and contact information.
  • WB Leather Specialties - Custom made leather goods and accessories, specializing in hat boxes.
  • Wild Rose Creations - Specializes in Celtic style organizers, wallets, checkbook covers, accessories, boxes, and wall hangings.
  • Wyoming Custom Leather - Leather cell phone cases, handcrafted briefcases, spur straps, chaps and custom saddles.
  • Ye Dragon and Unicorn - Leather drinking mugs with various designs and colors, mostly medieval and fantasy related.
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